JP Single Thruster Pro 99

Brand: JP
Model: Single Thruster Pro
Size: 99
Weight: 6,6 kg
Year: 2011
Kind: Wave
Length: 234 cm
Width: 62 cm
Volume: 99 L
Finbox: US-Box/Mini-Tuttle
State: Good
Very fine light wind waveboard. Can be sailed as a thruster, but also works very well as single fin.
In lighter and stronger pro version, that meant something in 2011: Carbon Kevlar!
Board planes early. Has lots of controle, also in higher wind ranges, even a 4.7 is comfortable.
The previous owner has decorated th board by adding a shark and coloring the normally white wave.

Some surface cracks in the nose, bboard is still watertight, only top layer is cracked, the Carbon Kevlar layer is still intact.

Includes good JP footstraps and the original JP 23 and 10cm fins.

Optionally for 50 euro extra with fitting boardbag.

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