JP FSW 84 Pro

Brand: JP
Model: FSW
Size: 84 Pro
Weight: 5,7 kg
Year: 2008
Kind: Wave
Length: 239 cm
Width: 58,5 cm
Volume: 84L
Finbox: Powerbox/Mini-Tuttle
State: Used
The well-known JP FreeStyleWave (FSW). A lot of control, lively and planes very early.

Best and lightest PRO construction ever by JP: Carbon Kevlar, visible on the deck.
Not glass like the newer Pro versions, which are much heavier.
Completely hard. Some wear visible

A profesional build Mini-Tuttle into the board, with thrusters the board is even better at golf riding and height walking.
With a single fin, the board is more lively and fun on flat water.

- Original JP foot straps (not in the picture)
- Thruster fins: K4 Rockets 18,5/12cm
- Mini-tuttle blanks

Price: 250 euro