PWA: No Rules Slalom

tuesday 18 august 2015

(machine translated in 2018) During the PWA Slalom race Fuerteventura this year there was a collision between 2 hefty surfers who seemed to walk out on fighting. Why? Ran it so out of control? No-Rules. Our races are less harsh. I wear a helmet often for a reason. [Read...]

Severne NuEvo, Starboard copy?

saterday 18 july 2015

Today Severne launched there 2016 product range. This includes for the first time boards: The Severne NuEvo. He we know that name: Starboard has been making the NuEvo (evolution of the Evo) since 2013 [Read...]

Flymounts can break

thursday 09 july 2015

(machine translated in 2018) They look and feel indestructible, super solid. We trust our expensive GoPros there: FlyMount! Apparently they can still piece. [Read...]

C3 production stopped

sunday 05 july 2015

C3 production fins no longer exist, unfortunately. Boogie and his business partner have broken. Boogie indicated he is going to make customs again. Unfortunately, the Venom, Sting and Slingshot fins will not be made anymore. Do you have this kind of top C3 fins? Handle them with care! [Read...]

Peter Volwater past away

tuesday 30 june 2015

(machine translated in 2018) Just heard, Peter Volwater (H-24) is deceased. A great all-round surfer who as one of the few in many different disciplines, very successful games has dangers. RIP Peter. [Read...]

Special concept: Makani Fins HB Concept: Wave

sunday 28 june 2015

(machine translated in 2018) For me it is for the first time in years that I see a really new concept in a wave fin. A fin which looks like a saw. We are going to kite lines cutting? The inspiration comes from a whale. I'm curious and hope to be able to test him quickly. [Read...]

Sonntag bend curve

monday 22 june 2015

(machine translated in 2018) Sonntag produces high quality Finnish, each fin has some numbers on the base, for example: BS75FT33% on SL-P me 35 cm. But what does that mean? Bs = Bending Stiffness, FT = Flex Tip. Okay, but what does that mean? [Read...]

Movie Defi wind 2015

sunday 24 may 2015

(machine translated in 2018) The Defi wind 2015 was again violently. Wind up to 70 knots meant even postponement of races. In the end, each of the 4 days a race hazards. Winner, again: Pierre Mortefon: Visit: Hero! My goal: next year. Beautiful images. [Read...]

3 broken ribs, 1 week later

monday 04 may 2015

(machine translated in 2018) Last week against a buoy dangers, 3 ribs broken. First time I have something to mn ribs. Right away? 1 week later? 3 nights hospital, many painkillers later. What have I learned? Not sneezing! [Read...]

(Slalom) trim tips by Point 7

monday 13 april 2015

(machine translated in 2018) The Point-7 Black Team has created a small article about trimming your slalom gear. They explain how you can become the fastest on the water. [Read...]

11 April 2015: High wind slalom training

sunday 12 april 2015

(machine translated in 2018) Tough race training with wind up to 35 kts. Small attendance: 8 man 101 with Warp 7.0 dangers with the iSonic. Makani Kauila v2 36 and 38 cm below. Fins give great control. It became clear that I to strength and conditioning much too short Bowl: training! The RRD-X-Fire 90 tried. [Read...]

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