28 October 2012: RegioCup Zuid - Finals: Day 2

monday 29 october 2012

(machine translated in 2018) Started with Formula SlalomFormula later was on the brink, GT85 is not suitable for light formula. Formula: Race 1: went bad, fortunately I only have 1 button. Formula: Race 2: a little more wind, could reasonably well the button: 2deFormula: Race 3: good wind, Upwind I could almost follow Andrea: 2nd. Slalom: Heat 1: Good race, good fight with Alexander Verhage. Slalom: Heat 2: too little wind at the start, did not come in plane: 9deSlalom: Heat 3:2 x cheat! Though Nadwi and Jordy with it pulled. :-) The 2012 contest season is drawing to a close: 5th in the Slalom in the Formula in the Silverfleet Goldfleet and 2nd! Very happy with the result. [Read...]

27 October 2012: RegioCup Zuid - Finals: Day 1

sunday 28 october 2012

(machine translated in 2018) At the end of October is very late in the season for a competition: the whole morning to cold and also a big hailstorm. Could only begin in the afternoon. The entire afternoon with the Warp 8.6 GT85 and dangers. Set did well, only came sometimes what speed to short, little mistakes. Although we started with very cold weather it was a wonderful afternoon slalom. More tomorrow. [Read...]

14 October 2012: NK Lauwersmeer: Slalom

monday 15 october 2012

(machine translated in 2018) Today's slalom, with only 3 valid races until today could much remains to be decided. 1st elimination: semifinal, then Runners up final. Bad start: no wind: 6de2de Elimination: semi-finals not met: Loosers final: Was too early, had to full on the brake and then from standstill again accelerator. Everyone had to catch up, in retrospect I was even false. 3rd elimination: qualification: Very heavy seeding: 4 toppers: mn best, but got Adrie and Pieter did not address: Loosers Final: Tomas Vincent was in, but I had a good heat, remained Tomas for: 1steTop day, and certainly to the end it went top. Was cosy. [Read...]

13 October 2012: NK Lauwersmeer: Raceboard

monday 15 october 2012

(machine translated in 2018) First day light winds: Formula and for me the Race board. Race 1: good start, as first the: 1steRace 2: this time it was Tons. Together as 1st and 2nd at the above buoy: 1steRace 3: another good race, not mn best start: 1steRace 4: all of a sudden Was parked between all the Technos. So wait, tack, wind, road race shortened, behind all the technos ge finished. Race 5: With just purchased 50 cm dangers. Was well away, race cut short: 1steHeerlijk hazards. Wind is minimal. Supreme WRT the Technos, too bad there is no other race boards. [Read...]

07 October 2012: GPA 2012

monday 08 october 2012

(machine translated in 2018) My first GPA, a famous match with many participants, 2 a 3 laps on the Westeinderplassen. There was good weather predicted, Sun, wind (gusty) and still warm. Jerome would use my new CAT 380, he has a lot more competition experience on racing boards. I took my trusted Team with 9.5 R-Type, went pretty good, knew the water not not tactically and made the best choices. Have fun match dangers, but certainly had higher may end up. After the game for the first time itself on my CAT 380, what a difference. [Read...]

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30 September 2012: Regiocup Zuid: Slalom in the Sun

monday 01 october 2012

(machine translated in 2018) Minimal wind predicted: 12 a 14 knots just enough for slalom. Heats 1 to 3: not the best starts, and wrong vin, 56 cm gave too little elevator, so speed too low. Heats 4 through 7: Starts went better and speed too, only the top 4 I could really not. Heats 8 t/m 10:8th heat just went well again. 9th too late at the start. 10th: false start. It was a lovely day, was not top fit by a touch of the flu last week. Starts better, but jibes went top, not cases and almost everything doorgeplaneerd. [Read...]

23 September 2012: NK Almere: Raceboard

wednesday 26 september 2012

(machine translated in 2018) Day 2 of the NK in Almere same wind as yesterday: race board. On arrival was almost no wind and the wind direction full onshore, water was a mirror. After 11:00 the wind seemed to be increasing. The water on, the minimum wind was in my favor, so I came to be equal with Uvula-Jan and everything came on the last race. Wind was increased considerably, clearly in favor of Uvula-Jan., Very exciting race towards the finish came Uvula-Jan from the other direction, it was exciting, he won 10 metres ahead!! Beautiful Race! 2nd. It was a fun weekend, am I glad I race board sailing and no Formula. This weekend has become, 2nd most beautiful race board game on the NK so far, wonderfully exciting. Overall I am now 1st. [Read...]

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22 September 2012: NK Almere: Raceboard

tuesday 25 september 2012

(machine translated in 2018) There was little wind predicts. So it was Formula, so for my Race board. Beautiful competitions had with Uvula-Jan branch. The RS: X is better in a little more wind, the race board like the RS: X cannot planing. Weather was really getting on the brink. So that makes the games exciting though. It was getting penny Exchange who won. The Technos came there not involved this time. The Formula boys had a bad day, not a valid heat dangers. [Read...]

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26 August 2012: The Mission XL: Day 2

wednesday 29 august 2012

(machine translated in 2018) More wind, more constant and flatter water. Was tasty. Everyone was waiting for the start and I still had to rig up. All heats hazards 101 iSonic with Warp 7.0 there on. Perfect! Course was short, water extremely flat, speeds high, under the minute was possible. 13th, 10th and 10th in the qualifying rounds. It was another cool weekend, fun to be with the Pro fleet sail. Atmosphere in the Group was a lot of fun. And the party Saturday night? Legendary again. [Read...]

25 August 2012: The MissionXL: Day 1

tuesday 28 august 2012

(machine translated in 2018) It is again the mission, this year extra special because we go huldige Dorian. This year I signed up in the Pro fleet, the real men. So, even if a Pro late arriving, enrolling and rigging. There was a very short course so we were getting ready in a Flash. Heat 1: DNF, Heat 2: Massive false and yet a valid good race. How should we are false for they afvlaggen us? After the honouring of Dorian Vikas came the message that heat 2 again had to. Heat 2 retry: 11th. Heat 3: almost everyone went swimming at buoy 1. If Pros we had to be ashamed of. That was it for day 1. On the sea front to mn to retrieve friends for the evening. There it turned out someone to have broken mast on the sand bank, waiting for rescue. Then eat and quickly back to the party. [Read...]

The windsurfing Worlds 2012 (WORLD CUP Race board Masters) at Medemblik was incrediable!

thursday 23 august 2012

(machine translated in 2018) I have quite enjoyed the week. The atmosphere, the enthusiasm of the kids, all these different nationalities, start in a match with 60 surfers. The Organization was very good: everything on time, gift opening, relaxed final party. Weather was very very good, lots of Sun, and all the days. I have quite the week a cottage shared with Madonna the Peruvian family. Very nice, I enjoyed. My matches went pretty good, learned a lot. 68. the Organization's 53rd yet eventually, volunteers, participants and the Madonna Family: THANKS! This was a week that I don't quickly forget. [Read...]

18 August 2012: Windsurf Worlds 2012: Day 5

tuesday 21 august 2012

(machine translated in 2018) Last day of the World Cup, little wind predicts. Race 1: after more than 30 minutes bobbing finally at the start. Wind was minimal. 1st start overall, 2nd attempt was going to be fine, reasonable race, only downwind with so little wind is not my thing, heavy and awkward on my narrow Equipe: 58th Race 2: bad start, wind turned, came late to the rest of the race went, not violence IG, was not the only one: well finished, but in retrospect seemingly too late: DNF. Race 3: Good start, wind turned whereby the Court actually pretty wrong, downwind was now more than half wind: 55steHet is on, all races are done, on to the side. clean up and showering! It was great. Ultimately, 53rd overall, very satisfied with it. [Read...]

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17 August 2012: Windsurf Worlds 2012: Day 4

tuesday 21 august 2012

(machine translated in 2018) Today, little wind predicts, hopefully it's over predicts. Race 1: throughout the race, game held with DEN-1110, eventually just by hemgewonnen: 47th Race 2: nice contest with Saskia, already at the start so close together that I just on the tip of her One-Design could sit down. After the last top mark downwind it went bad, Board didn't want planing up to 3 x and I fell in the water, many places lost: 54th. Race 3: a lot of wind, race went very well, speed was great, almost everywhere geplaneerd: 43steIk am very happy with the decision of the race officials to give us 3 race back-to-back. [Read...]

16 August 2012: Windsurf Worlds 2012: Day 3

tuesday 21 august 2012

(machine translated in 2018) Less wind than yesterday predicted, again all day sun. First race little wind, downwind effort: 59th. 2nd race more wind, went a lot better: 48th. After the break, unfortunately but 1 race, sailing back and forth for 1 heat is really a waste of time. Do a good race: 48th. [Read...]

15 August 2012: Windsurf Worlds 2012: Day 2

monday 20 august 2012

(machine translated in 2018) Today many wind predicts. I'm I how different the results if we really get wind force 5 to 6. Race 1: much wind, I sail also lift your spirits, everything feels finer. After a thrilling finish with ARG-345:31st. Race 2: Just for buoy 1 should stop because GER-239 for me tack went and fell, signed to protest directly after the race (let's see how to do it, I can fix learn something) 52nd. Race 3: Wind better, reasonable fight with Cindy: 47th Race 4: Good start, finally some good winds, many people caught up on half wind and downwind. In the slalom a nice fight with CZE-8 and DEN-1110, photo finish between myself and the Dane: 40th. Super day, certainly race 1 and 4 were brilliant today. [Read...]

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14 August 2012: Windsurf Worlds 2012: Day 1

monday 20 august 2012

(machine translated in 2018) First day matches, little wind predicted, but be fine again. First time in my shorty dangers, delicious with this again. 1st race we had 3 restarts needed. 2 race 2 attempts. Both race 63rd. We had to stop in time because there was storm predicts. [Read...]

13 August 2012: Windsurf Worlds 2012: Day 0 - Training Race

monday 20 august 2012

(machine translated in 2018) The day before the official start of the Windsurfing le Worlds 2012 is there a training race, for the surfers but also for the Organization to learn things and tune. The race is to 15:00, great opportunity to sleep. The Training Race is fun, and makes clear that our job is very very far from the side. [Read...]

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Windsurfing Worlds 2012: Registration Day

monday 20 august 2012

(machine translated in 2018) Relatively late I was present, nice and quiet in bidding, but very busy when registering my stuff. Unfortunately the Cat leak and, therefore, I must with the team. After the registration to the cottage gone to get to know the Peruvian family Bazo, very pleasant people, mother and the children speak good English: I feel like it, it's fixed cozy and fun. [Read...]

01 July 2012: NK Grevelingendam: day 2: Course Race

monday 02 july 2012

(machine translated in 2018) Weather wind predicts, lot more than for yesterday. Race officials had chosen Course for slalom Racing, I was gone with zn wind. Today luckily not the only one with a race board, Saskia and Ton had also enrolled. Heat 1 and 2 were with a lot of wind, the top techno surfers just faster, Saskia had the heavy and couldn't join. Heat 3 and 4 in light winds, Saskia in its element and not to keep track of. After we just by the water were a heavy storm mood, happy were all Formulas also just in time by the water. It was a fun NK, varying conditions. 1st this weekend, but that's not odd as I 1 day only water. What's next? World Cup? [Read...]

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30 June 2012: NK Grevelingendam: day 1: Course Race

monday 02 july 2012

(machine translated in 2018) Day 1 of the 3rd round of the Nr: location: the Grevelingendam, home water for me. Very nice and warm, the morning sun and wind, some participants just in swimming trunks on the water. In the afternoon clouds and a few small Bango. Unfortunately I was today the only with a Race board (okay, so called 1st today, and also the last) with the Technos dangers, and those Kids are good, so must be good work to stay ahead of them/. 3 heats, finished first last heat 4th. The Formulas have by the light winds in the afternoon but 2 heats hazards. Beautiful day, but more than 5 hours on the water is very tiring. [Read...]

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