Happy holidays

friday 23 december 2011

(machine translated in 2018) Everyone Merry Christmas. All surfers who do not have too many obligations and so these days can sail: have fun. It looks nice for Christmas, well likely is on beautiful wind and not too cold at Christmas. [Read...]

Final results Regiocup South 2011:2nd or 4th? an unexpected extra price

tuesday 11 october 2011

(machine translated in 2018) Right after the last heats of the last regiocup of this year we had an award ceremony. Other years that never was. It is a lot more fun to have an awards ceremony. There were 4 first prizes: Men and U20 (Under 20) is both the Gold as in the Silverfleet. In addition there were small prices for everyone who participated. I was 2nd in the Silverfleet, because I had missed the first game I had too many points deficit still first. After the ordinary prices I was called forward again: because I've grown so much in 2 years and I have the last 2 matches as I was welcomed in dangers in the Silverfleet the Goldfleet, so join the top ones. And I am come year by the AL invited to get involved with the NK! On Monday went Ko the results and found out that an error was made, there was 1 deduction too much given allowing me to had managed to make a lot of good. So, I was no 2nd but 4th. [Read...]

09 October 2011: last regiocup 2011

tuesday 11 october 2011

(machine translated in 2018) There was increasing wind turning from South to West predicts, so usually is that a weird match me cancelled heats and ever postponement of heats to the Court to adapt to the changing conditions. In addition also predicts a lot of rain, so not the best conditions. But the fair is that anyone out there suffers from. A total of 10 heat hazards, the first time I have won 9, the last by a very bad start and good boat ride from Ko and Andrea unfortunately 3rd. With 9 wins and 2 heats deduction spacious 1st become today. It is becoming very clear that I no longer hear the Silverfleet and Goldfleet go sailing, so next year it will be no longer in the goldfleet or very rare to succeed in a heat win, the top 5 of the goldfleet is really very very good but the guys back there I should be able to sail fun contests next year. [Read...]

18 September 2011: Regiocup South: Formula

monday 19 september 2011

(machine translated in 2018) Prediction was not great, to an hour or 2 wind, then quickly diminishing and around 12 pm turning from South to West. That is a tricky game. The organization dared it anyway and let the game continue. So early to zeeland, it rained there firmly. The race officials chose a Formula game, good choice. First 2 heats had to be gestops because the wind fell away. After the wind turned, job was changed and we could go try it again. Quite the afternoon continued Fanning, not much but enough and we still have 6 valid heats hazards. I'm 4th. [Read...]

Windsurfing foto TODOWindsurfing foto TODOWindsurfing foto TODO

September 17, 2011: WWT: Gusty wind

saterday 17 september 2011

(machine translated in 2018) Race training: the forecast was great, 25 to 30 knots. That would be a great training. I was a bit late, first sleep late. Everyone was already on the water, most were sitting around the 7.8 and 8.0. Hans stood with 7.3. After a short chat started adorning my Warp F2009 8.0. Had never rigged. You can make it a 460 or 490 in boating. Chosen for 490 because I expected to have my 460 still needed for my 7.0. Wind was very gusty. A number of practice competitions done, my first start went completely wrong: 11 seconds early. Afterwards it went though getting better. [Read...]

Windsurfing foto TODOWindsurfing foto TODO

28 August 2011: Regiocup Veerse Meer

monday 29 august 2011

(machine translated in 2018) Prediction was very good, ZW 18 a 22 knots, and constantly throughout the day. Was there on time, wind seemed to fall against. Put up some rigging, first set the 7.3, when the 8.4. After consultation with Hans, Orion and Dave decided to again silverfleet. It was not the easiest conditions, but the AHD GT85 has once again proved, what a top board in these types of conditions. Today I am 1st become in the Silverfleet. [Read...]

27 August 2011: WWT Training with Pieter Bijl

sunday 28 august 2011

(machine translated in 2018) WWT today training with Pieter Bijl. Pieter is head tester at Neil Pryde and PWA slalom. In addition it was also Casper Ball present, old wereldchampioen RS-X. First a pradnya theory of Pieter. After rigging and feedback and tips from Peter. Nadwi has also helped me with my RAM F8. After lunch there was wind and we were able to practice takeoffs on open water, my weakness with matches. To 18:00 have been busy, long day, very useful and instructive. [Read...]

Images of the worldcup Slalom yesterday in wind force 7 a 8

monday 01 august 2011

(machine translated in 2018) Currently, in the Canary Islands a slalom contest dangers for the World Championship. Yesterday there was a lot of wind 8 a 9 Beaufort, so then it goes very hard over the water. You see there never on TV, but fortunately we have nowadays internet and can often live the game is followed. Here pictures of the 2 Finals held yesterday are dangers. [Read...]

Windsurfers in the news

friday 15 july 2011

(machine translated in 2018) Yesterday thick storm and rain, seemed very Netherlands there to bother. RTL and the NOS showed during the journal both see that there are also people out there who enjoy this again. [Read...]

July 9, 2011: Super WWT, sailed the current no.1 of the world.

sunday 10 july 2011

(machine translated in 2018) The day for a regiocup is always WWT (Windsurfing Contest Trainning) so also today. Weather forecast was very good (especially if they are the real contest on the day of no wind) Level was very high. I felt really a beginner: Josh Dripped, Kati Spark, Kay van Berlo, Ingmar Daldorf (and his brothers), Dennis Kad, John Coins, Rene spark, Wolfgang Draschner, Coen Swijnenburg, Andrea Vp .... and to top it all off the current world no. 1 Steven van broeckhoven. For him his first Slalom competitions ... And so did ie pretty good, every start he started getting better ... I could not keep him. [Read...]

1 May 2011: BK Slalom Grevelingendam 2011: day 2

tuesday 03 may 2011

(machine translated in 2018) Same forecast as for yesterday, so again O/NO and a lot of Sun, it remains special to than a match. Rise today was lower. The race officials now had a downwind slalom course explained: Always more fun to sail, after part is that if the wind turns the race longer silent is to Captivate all good again. Contest sometimes better sometimes less than yesterday. A few very nice starts, including 1 x false started and 1 heat missed. But not at all cases during the heats and also almost all gybes by geplaneerd. It was a great weekend with super weather and a very fun match, unfortunately I walk now limp. [Read...]

30 April 2011: BK Slalom Grevelingendam 2011: day 1

tuesday 03 may 2011

(machine translated in 2018) For everyone the first game of the season. Prediction: 18 a 22 knots O/NO and lots of Sun! It was pressure, when I 9:00 (early for my doing) on the Grevelingendam came out it was already very busy. There were 100 participants, including: many surfers from the Belgian and Dutch toppers including: Nadan Dripped, Dennis Littel, Jordy Spark, Dirk doppenberg, Kay van Berlo, Pascal van Someren, Patrick van Hoof, Wolfgang Draschner etc etc. .. That would be a tough game going to be, I will be really a miracle find if I was in the top 20 a 25 visit. [Read...]

Light wind for IFCA Slalom on Bonaire

thursday 21 april 2011

(machine translated in 2018) Many surfers that I last summer with trained this week in Bonaire for the IFCA Slalom World Championship 2011. Unfortunately, the wind it's existence. The normally so windzekere Bonaire is now almost no wind. So yes then nothing else than wait for wind and entertain yourself. Unfortunately. [Read...]

Blog started

friday 07 january 2011

(machine translated in 2018) I am a blog started (this blog). I love a windsurfing log for a few years now. That I'm going to merge it with this blog, so here you can in the future my reports of my surfing days read, but I also want to start writing about all sorts of other topics. [Read...]