Images of the worldcup Slalom yesterday in wind force 7 a 8

monday 01 august 2011

(machine translated in 2018) Currently, in the Canary Islands a slalom contest dangers for the World Championship. Yesterday there was a lot of wind 8 a 9 Beaufort, so then it goes very hard over the water. You see there never on TV, but fortunately we have nowadays internet and can often live the game is followed. Here pictures of the 2 Finals held yesterday are dangers. In the 7th Elimination final speed Ben van der Steen (NED-57, below on the front of the still picture) are very handsome to a 2nd place. Unfortunately started Am false and if so not sailing in the 8th final, otherwise he might be first stood in the standings.<br><br>Enjoy these images.<br><br>For the surfers: even like these guys have so ever control problems.<br><br><strong>Final of the 7th elimination:</strong><br><br><br><br><strong>Final of the 8th elimination:</strong>