Windsurfing Worlds 2012: Registration Day

monday 20 august 2012

(machine translated in 2018) Relatively late I attended, on arrival it was already very busy, and on the field was immediately clear how many nationalities were there. Since I was late, there was no row. Later I learned that there had been in the morning crush barriers due to the large number of surfers waiting. Upon registration we got a very nice pass, a tally, it is used during the games which can be seen if you are on the water or on the side. At forgetting the tally on the Board to hang out if you're going surfing, or there to take away: 5 penalty points. For me the first time I work with this system, so exciting, hopefully I forget it.<br><br>Then I go to register my material, but where should I be? As first Bowl I Jordy against those with a Notepad runs and tells me that he only the Techno ´ s register, but refers me to the person who registers the Race boards. I consultation with controller and he thinks I with the Cat through the inspection, so come on out to the car to get my stuff. I'll get the stuff from the car and notice that the foot band of the Cat is wet, what a little crazy is because it is 20 degrees and dry. I see that very quickly that the foot strap plug broken and leak, so the Cat cannot be used for the World Cup so I go with the team. I bring all my stuff to the game, but the reviewer can no longer find. I do however see Juan walk, I recognize his face from a picture of internet. We make knowledge and it tells that we in the cottage number 7 are and we agree that after the control to the cottage to come. After 10 minutes I find the controller on the other side of the resort, busy with the inscription of the French. After half an hour, he finally time to check my stuff. The supervisor approves all well and provides everything from a signature, no details except that my Team apparently has no serial number.<br><br>On to the cottage to get acquainted with my roommates for the next week. Cottage 7 was quickly found, all the way in front. The Madonna family was complete, little hands, proposals. Mother Pilar talk good English and rumors in full. Very cozy, the children also speak reasonable English but are still a bit shy. The father barely speak English. They do not look out, rather typical Peruvian South-European.<br>After some chatting I am the car empty, go get stuff in my camera and eating out: I've had feeling, it goes from cozy and fun.